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Welcome to the website of advertising copywriter and spiritual author, Marc Oromaner. Usually, advertising and spirituality don't go too well together. Advertising is the art of convincing people that they need to buy certain goods or services in order to be happy. Spirituality is the belief that people don't need anything to be happy, other than a positive state of mind and possibly an iPod. Much like a yin-yang however, both of these polar opposites need each other in order to make a greater whole. Advertising works much better when it can touch people's souls. And spirituality is more fulfilling when it enables us to experience the many materialistic pleasures of life.

As a lover of both pop-culture and spirituality, I have often been torn between these two seemingly diametrically opposed forces. But shortly after discovering that the "Oro" of my last name translates into both "gold" and "light" in Spanish and Hebrew respectively, I learned to make them work together.  That's what this website is all about. It's about having it all—spiritual fulfillment and lots of stuff that makes you happy. Hope you find a bit of both here.