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Lost For LOST Re-Watch

LOST podcast features Oromaner as guest host on 8.24.13

What was Hurley's first Star Wars reference? What Lost scene borrows from The Brady Bunch? When is Jack told by Sawyer to "let go"? Find out in this episode of the "Lost For LOST Re-Watch," which focuses on Lost's "The Moth" and "Confidence Man." This is Oromaner's first Lost podcast in nearly two-and-a-half years. In addition to answering the questions referenced
 above, he also shares some Lost-esque events that happened in the real world, paralleling  
 scenes from the show.
 Listen to the podcast on Blog Talk Radio.

Making A Splash

Inspirational podcast interviews Synergy For Singles on Valentine's Day 2011

The Myth of Lost author Marc Oromaner, Master Matchmaker Rachel Russo, and certified personal coach Scott Schwartz have teamed up for Synergy For Singles, a work-in-progress that encourages singles to let go of old dating patterns and embrace a fulfilling, blissful relationship. In their first podcast interview, the group talks with "Making A Splash" co-hosts Seph Dietlin and Shairon Beale on what synergy is and how we can apply it to our lives. 

 Podcast invites Oromaner back to talk about myths in the media on 4.2.11

 After the Synergy for Singles interview went so well, Making A Splash brought Oromaner back to  answer questions such as how movies and TV shows can unravel mysteries of the universe and what  patterns are showing up in movies today.

 Listen to the full 30 minute podcast interview!


The Chronic Rift

Pop culture podcast interviews Oromaner on 12.20.10

What is a deeper interpretation of the Lost finale? How might we get the answers not provided on the show? And what have we learned from the series without even realizing it? Judy Furnari interviews Oromaner about these topics and more in this 36-minute podcast!
Listen to the podcast on The Chronic Rift site (Day Eight) or directly from the interview upload

NDB Media’s Lost For Lost Podcast

Lost podcast interviews Oromaner on 6.24.10
How could Lost fans save the world? What three real-world events eerily parallel events from the show?
And what did Oromaner think of the finale? Cliff, Roger, and Fred (also known as Zeke, Admiral, and Bam) interview Oromaner about these topics and more in this one-hour podcast!

Listen to the podcast on Blog Talk Radio






   96.5 FM The Buzz (Season 6/2010)  
 DJ Lazlo continues with Oromaner weekly on Kansas City radio station
 Shortly before the season six premiere, Kansas City DJ, Lazlo, once again* featured Oromaner
 on his radio show to talk about Lost. The discussion then continued weekly and centered around
 what was revealed in the previous night’s episode and how it could be deciphered to help us in
 our own lives. Click on the links below to listen to any of the various season six interviews:
 1.08.10 Lazlo Intv on publicity for upcoming season including The Lost Supper
 2.02.10 Lazlo Intv on Spoilers and Info leading up to LOST Season 6 Premiere
 2.03.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST eps. 6.01 & 6.02 “LA X” Pts. 1 & 2
 2.10.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.03 “What Kate Does”
 2.17.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.04 “The Substitute”
 2.24.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.05 “Lighthouse”
 3.03.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.06 “Sundown”
 3.10.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.07 “Dr. Linus”
 3.17.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.08 “Recon”
 3.24.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.09 “Ab Aeterno”
 3.31.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.10 "The Package"
 4.07.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.11 “Happily Ever After”
 4.14.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.12 “Everybody Loves Hugo”
 4.27.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.13 “The Last Recruit”
 5.05.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.14 “The Candidate”
 5.12.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.15 “Across the Sea”
 5.19.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 6.16 “What They Died For”
 5.24.10 Lazlo Intv on LOST eps. 6.17 & 6.18 “The End” Pts. 1 & 2

 *See listing in separate section below for season five.

Swiss Public Radio

Alexis Buisson interviews Oromaner for a report about Lost

Journalist Alexis Buisson met up with Oromaner at his “Philosophy of Lost” presentation for an interview about the deeper meaning of the show. His full report about Lost and its fans aired in French on Swiss Public Radio station Radio Fribourg.

Listen to Buisson’s complete interview with Oromaner here

TimeOut New York
Oromaner’s Lost presentation highlighted as a “perfect Friday” event
The go-to magazine for what to do in NYC highlighted Oromaner’s “The Philosophy of Lost” presentation four times. Among them is the article, “Your perfect Friday: Dancing, the Dalai Lama and the wisdom of Lost which stated, “Your perfect Friday is on the verge of enlightenment, and it hopes to seal the deal tonight. Start out by heading to Radio City Music Hall to hear the Dalai Lama’s 'Teachings on Compassion.' If His Holiness doesn’t do it for you, seek a more tangible type of wisdom at author Marc Oromaner’s ‘The Philosophy of Lost.’” The presentation was also mentioned in articles about Lost series finale events, some free things to do in the city, and a detailed description of the event itself.

 The Lost Community Podcast

Lost podcast features Oromaner on 5.20.10
"Hosts David A. Dein and Steve 'The Goog' Guglich spent the day in New York City to find out what's on the minds of those standing on line to see the TIMES TALK LIVE LOST event. Then they invited Marc Oromaner, author of The Myth of Lost and Frank from Virginia to hash out what they learned from the event and also the ramification of the finale. Enjoy this overstuffed 80 minute podcast!!"
Listen to the podcast (Scroll down to episode 81. Discussion with Oromaner begins 36 minutes in.) 
Listen to an edited version with just the Oromaner discussion

Access Atlanta
Rodney Ho quotes Oromaner in his article about life after Lost
The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Access Atlanta featured an article about why Lost has resonated so deeply with viewers and how they’ll be coming to terms with its conclusion. Titled, Lost Fans Will Be Lost Without the Show,” the article included quotes from fans, college professors, and Oromaner, who spoke on how Lost managed to stay relevant.
Bonnie Covel gives great review for The Myth of Lost
"If you are familiar with my reviews, you know that I am not big on Lost books because they get outdated so quickly. The Myth of Lost may suffer the same fate of becoming outdated, but not if you think of it in the way it was meant to be read. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever been a Lost fan. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”— Bonnie Covel,
Read the full review here on

TV Reviewer, Joshua Alston references The Myth of Lost in his Newsweek article
In “The End Is Near” Alston references Oromaner’s book, The Myth of Lost: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Wisdom as an example of the kind of devotion fans have to the show. The article was published in the February 1, 2010 Newsweek on page 50.
Or, read the article online here

Gab With The Gurus
Connie Bennett interviews Oromaner on her Blog Talk Radio show
Author, speaker, and life coach Connie Bennett conducts a one-hour interview with Marc Oromaner about the hidden wisdom of Lost and how it can help us in our own lives. During the interview, Oromaner explains how we can use the show’s characters to help us uncover our destiny, the lessons Lost gives us on overcoming challenges, and what it really means to take a “leap of faith.”
Listen to the interview here (some technical issues until 5:30)
Or, listen to the cleaned up version here (technical issues edited out)

Wendy Mitchell of references Oromaner in her Lost column
In “What Lost Questions Do You Want Answered In The Final Season?” Mitchell references Oromaner’s column on the same topic posted on
Read her column here 

 96.5 FM The Buzz (Season 5/2009)   
DJ Lazlo features Oromaner weekly on Kansas City radio station
Beginning after the season five premiere, Kansas City DJ, Lazlo, featured Oromaner the day after every new episode of Lost. Each week, the discussion centered around what was revealed in the episode and how it could be deciphered to help us in our own lives. Click on the links below to listen to any of the various interviews:
1.26.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST eps. 5.01 “Because You Left” & 5.02 “The Lie”
1.29.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.03 “Jughead”
2.05.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.04 “The Little Prince”
2.12.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.05 “This Place Is Death”
2.19.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.06 “316”
2.26.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.07 “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”
3.05.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.08 “LaFleur”
3.19.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.09 “Namaste”
3.26.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.10 “He’s Our You”
4.02.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.11 “Whatever Happened, Happened”
4.09.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.12 “Dead Is Dead”
4.16.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.13 “Some Like It Hoth”
4.30.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.14 “The Variable”
5.07.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST ep. 5.15 “Follow The Leader”
5.14.09 Lazlo Intv on LOST eps. 5.16 & 5.17 “The Incident Pts. 1 & 2”
6.02.09 Lazlo Intv on eerie parallels of Air France disappearance and LOST
  Get Lost With JOpinionated
JOpinionated interviews Oromaner on Get Lost Blog
Dedicated and insightful Lost blogger JOpinionated interviewed Marc Oromaner about the moment he decided to write a book about Lost, how he feels about time-travel on the show, and if The Myth of Lost theory can still work with seasons 4 and 5.
Read the full interview here


 When Falls The Coliseum

Column appearing on online journal of American culture
Oromaner will be appearing in columns on When Falls the Coliseum, an online journal of American culture (or lack thereof).
Read Oromaner’s WFTC column’s here
 The Lost Initiative Podcast
Lost Podcaster Aimee Noto reviews and endorses The Myth of Lost
"Oromaner’s theory in The Myth of Lost is impressive in how it explains almost everything in a neat and simple package. I found myself smiling, laughing out loud, or shouting, 'Oh my God, he totally called it!!' when Oromaner provided either theoretical support or predictions. I highly encourage anyone who enjoys reading and understanding more about Lost to read this book. Oromaner does an absolutely amazing job covering every base, from the characters and mysteries to the subplots and all the connections. Besides Lost fans, I’d even recommend The Myth of Lost to anyone who is looking for answers and insight into their own lives." — Aimee Noto, The Lost Initiative podcast
Read the full review here on The Lost Initiative MySpace Page
Or, here on Aimee’s book club blog (scroll down) 
The Myth of Lost is the only Lost book endorsed by The Lost Initiative (scroll down, lower left)

 AM 600 KOGO News & Talk Radio

Chip Franklin interviews Oromaner on San Diego radio station
The final Fox News Radio interview of the day was with talk radio host Chip Franklin on 600AM KOGO in San Diego, CA. Oromaner explains whether Lost newbies can jump aboard now, a bit about his book, and comparisons with The Matrix.
Listen from the station's site (it begins about 65% of the way in) 
Or, listen to the edited version here on mp3

 570 WSYR NewsRadio
Joe Galuski interviews Oromaner on Syracuse radio station
The second Fox News Radio interview of the day was with talk radio host Joe Galuski on 570AM WSYR in Syracuse, New York. Here, Oromaner explains the cult following that Lost seems to have, a bit about The Myth of Lost, and his opinion on whether they’ll ever make the show into a movie.
The interview is posted on The Myth of Lost Facebook page. Click here to listen
Or, listen to it in an mp3 format

 610 WTVN News & Talk Radio

Bob Connors interviews Oromaner on Columbus radio station
Fox News Radio set Marc Oromaner up on a morning radio tour on February 25th, 2009. The first interview of the day was with talk radio host Bob Connors of 610AM WTVN in Columbus, Ohio. In this 7 minute interview, Oromaner explains the basics of the Lost story, how The Myth of Lost helps make sense of it all, and gives some examples from Lost episodes.
Listen to the interview from the station's site (it begins after the commercial) 
Or, listen here on mp3


 Italy’s Lost Books Podcast

First Myth of Lost bi-lingual podcast mention
Paolo Trubiano from Italy's Lost Books Podcast featured Marc Oromaner on his show and translated his discussion into Italian for his listeners.
Link to the episode here (you will need to log in) 
Or listen here on mp3 (begins about 3 minutes in)



 NYC LOST Meetup Video

 Promotional video for the NYC chapter of the Lost Meetup Group

Created by Jason Jung, this promotional video posted on YouTube features interviews with NYC Lost Meetup members including Marc Oromaner.
Watch video here



 FM96 London’s Best Rock

Chris McLeod interviews Oromaner on Canadian radio station
On January 27th, 2009, Chris McLeod—a DJ on Canada's rock station FM 96—interviewed Oromaner about Lost and his book, The Myth of Lost. The first question (not heard here) had Chris asking about the meaning of the show. Oromaner answers (which begins the interview) and then gives clues about his simple solution to the show’s mysteries. This solution is used as a metaphor to reveal how we can use the show's wisdom in real life.
The interview is posted on The Myth of Lost Facebook page. Click here to listen
Or, listen to it in an mp3 format



iUniverse releases Top 10 Bestsellers for December 2008
The Myth of Lost reached iUniverse's Top 10 in sales of the publisher’s 20,000 active titles for December 2008.
View press release


Jeff “Doc” Jensen of features Oromaner in Lost column
In his article titled, “Lost: Faith, Science...and Scooby-Doo,” the Doc has quite a number of fascinating theories on where Lost is going and brings up concepts about fate, Marvin Candle, and ZOINKS, even Scooby! Oromaner weighs in on The Great Lost Naturalism vs. Supernaturalism Debate.
Read the article here
Long Island newspaper’s website features The Myth of Lost trivia
"The 5th season of ABC's Lost is back on Jan. 21. Think you're a super fan? Take the trivia quiz below, provided by Marc Oromaner, author of The Myth of Lost: Solving the Mysteries and Understanding the Wisdom, and find out how much you really know."
View a screen shot of the quiz as it had originally appeared
View the full quiz (original fill-in-the-blank version)

Doc Arzt & Friends
Weekly column on popular Lost blog
From the Good Doc Arzt: "I’m pleased to announce three new weekly columns arriving at DocArzt & Friend’s Lost Blog this week from three very important writers in the Lost community. Put your brain hemispheres together for J. Wood (Powell’s Lost Blogger and author of Living Lost), Marc Oromaner (Author of The Myth of Lost), and Nikki Stafford (Author of the Finding Lost series)."
Announcement posted here
Read “Lost In Myth” columns here

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack
Win The Myth of Lost from The Lost Podcast Contest
First and second place winners of The Lost Season 5 Contest being held by Jay And Jack will each win a copy of the book.
Listen to Jay and Jack talking about the contest and The Myth of Lost prize
(Lost Podcast (AAC): Ep. 4.1 “Season 5 First Look” a little over one hour into it.)
Fill out the 34 Lost questions contest here (Entries due 1.20.09)

 The Lost Community Podcast

Lost Podcast interview on 12.29.08
"Join Hosts David A Dein and Steve 'The Goog' Guglich as they catch you up on the happenings in the Lost world. Also stay tuned for an awesome interview with Marc Oromaner about his brand new book The Myth of Lost."
Listen to the podcast (It's episode 50. Oromaner interview begins about half-way through.) 
Listen to an edited version with just the Oromaner interview



Win The Myth of Lost from BuddyTV’s Lost Caption Contest!
BuddyTV has three copies of The Myth of Lost to give away. Here's what you need to do to enter for a chance to win. Think of a possible caption for the photo at the link below, and write your caption in a comment box there. You have until Tuesday, December 9th at 3pm EST/12pm PST to reply. At that time, the BuddyTV editorial team will choose their three favorite captions to select the three winners.
See the details here


  Lost Mythos Podcast

Lost Podcast interview on 11.24.08
Axel interviews Marc Oromaner about the mythology of Lost.
Listen to the podcast from the site (scroll down to 11.24.2008)
Listen to an mp3 of the podcast here 




 The Tail Section

Popular Lost blog reviews The Myth of Lost
"Oromaner doesn't just speculate as many other Lost theorists do, he points to evidence in the show to back up nearly every aspect of his theory. As a result, The Myth of Lost is extremely persuasive. Oromaner's theory is the best I've read and is easy to follow. The book itself is a lot of fun with writing that is intelligent and witty, yet retaining a conversational feel. In short, The Myth of Lost is a must-read for serious Lost fans (and hopefully the Lost writers)." 
—Shannan Korn, The Tailsection's "lost_grrl" and forum administrator
Read the full review on the forum here

Win a FREE Myth of Lost book from DARKUFO!!
As some of you may have seen recently, there is a new Lost book just out
called The Myth of Lost. The author of the book, Marc Oromaner, has kindly offered to give away a copy of the book to 1 lucky DarkUFO reader.
See details here

Buddy TV
First Myth of Lost online review
“A compelling, fascinating read for fans of the show. I've pondered numerous ways the Lost producers could end the series, but rarely has anyone presented an argument as detailed as the one found in The Myth of Lost. I was mightily impressed with Oromaner’s Lost knowledge, and I'm interested to see if his theory ties into the final seasons of the show. I had a lot of fun reading the book, and I hope my review encourages people to pick it up.” — Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Read the full review