LOST Series Finale

150 members of NYC LOST Meetup gathered at Down the Hatch in NYC to watch “The End”


Some of the candidates chosen to learn about the mysteries of life from LOST.


Date:            Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Time:            6pm – 12am

Location:      Down the Hatch

Street:         179 W. 4th St. (between 6th & 7th Ave.)

City/Town:    NYC


LOST Finale Reaction & Where To Go From Here


Shortly after LOST concluded on May 23, 2010, Brian Jensen took his Flip video camera around the NYC LOST Meetup finale party at Down the Hatch to get some reactions. In the midst of all the hubbub, Marc Oromaner, author of "The Myth of Lost" gave his parting words about the show, the experience surrounding it, and how fans can use its wisdom now that it's over.


           Marc as the DHARMA polar bear poses                  John Broughton, founder of the NY Philosophy              Singer/songwriter Mark Radcliffe           

              with fellow NYC LOST Meetup organizer                  group lends a hand at the LOST finale event.               actually shaved his head to pull off

          Kevin McCreesh in his DHARMA jumpsuit.                                                                                                                      a very convincing John Locke.




     LOST Meetupers Mike, Nellie, Kat, Dan, and                    LOST props awarded to those who bought "The           A hint of what it's like to be with 150  

      Lydia pose with Marc shortly after he became                Myth of Lost" included Sawyer's letter, a Drive           fellow LOST fans watching  the series

       too hot in the rest of the polar bear costume.                    Shaft CD & ring, and Hurley's lottery ticket.                 finale  in a basement bar in NYC.





The Philosophy of LOST

A presentation and discussion hosted by Marc, NY Philosophy, and NYC LOST Meetup



Posters promoting the event from NY Philosophy (left) & NYC LOST Meetup (right)

Date:           Friday, May 21st, 2010

Time:           6pm - 10pm

Location:      49 Grove 

Street:         Grove St. (between Bleecker St. & 7th Ave. S.)

City/Town:    NYC

The Philosophy of LOST Presentation Highlights

What hidden wisdom can be uncovered from the TV show LOST? On May 21, 2010, two days before the series finale, “The Myth of Lost” author Marc Oromaner delved into this very question at 49 Grove in NYC. Other topics discussed included: Is LOST alive? What has it been teaching us? What secret messages are hidden within the show? Are LOST fans like candidates, chosen for some purpose? If so, what? How has the show depicted spiritual principles like "the law of attraction" and taking a "leap of faith"? Marc shared his insight on these topics and more, and then encouraged everyone else to offer their thoughts during three rounds of group discussion and debate. This video shows ten minutes of highlights from Marc’s presentations given throughout the four-hour event.

Event MC: John Broughton, Founder of the New York Philosophy Group

“A fantastic evening in a great venue. John and Marc did an outstanding job! This was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable events in our group's history!”—Tom Mohan, Head Organizer of NYC Lost Meetup


Marc with Alex Buisson of Swiss Public            

Reading a section about shamans          Explaining how LOST fans are like candidates, 


adio who interviewed him about the                      


“The Myth of Lost”.                          

chosen to help ease the transition

            deeper meaning of LOST.                                                                                                                 into the new world to come.


The other side of the room listens to                    As the night went on, the topics                 For those who enjoy paying big bucks for

Marc talk about the wisdom of LOST                   became increasingly more bizarre.              their Champagne, 49 Grove offers Louis

   and how it can help us in real life.                                                                                                     Roederer Cristal Brut 97 (bottom right).

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The Myth of Lost Book Signing with Previously On Lost (the Band)

Marc joins forces with LOST tribute band at Mercury Lounge.

Pointing out all the mysteries that The Myth of Lost can explain with its simple theory.  

Date:             Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
Time:             8:30pm – 11:30pm
Location:       Mercury Lounge
Street:          217 E Houston Street
City/Town:    New York, NY 10009

Once again, Marc teamed up with the world's only TV recap rock band, Previously On LOST (see November 20th, 2008) for a fun-filled evening of music and mythology. You can check out their Myspace page here.


                             Marc offers some clues to The Myth of Lost                Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin entertain the

                          theory surrounded by merchandise and posters             audience with their band Previously On Lost.

                               promoting the night’s entertainment.


The Mythology of LOST and Other TV Shows & Movies

A presentation that uncovers the hidden messages of LOST and other myths in the media.


Explaining the mythology of LOST and how we can use the show's wisdom in our own lives.


Date:             Saturday, May 16th, 2009
Time:             4pm – 5pm
Location:        GainVille Café Street Festival Booth
Street:           17 Ames Avenue
City/Town:      Rutherford, NJ 07070

The Mythology of LOST and Other TV Shows & Movies Presentation Highlights



Taking place at The 6th Annual Rutherford Multicultural Festival, this presentation explored the mysterious themes of LOST and compared them with other sci-fi TV shows and movies. After the main stage introduction, Marc spoke at the GainVille Cafe booth, presented some LOST trivia, answered questions, and signed copies of his book The Myth of Lost.


                  Marc's mythological messages represent               Giving the infamous three clues to The                 Posing with some LOST fans.

                        truth, justice, and the American way.                       Myth of Lost theory that can explain

                                                                                                                      all the major mysteries on the show.


                                             Moving to the GainVille Cafe booth for the                    Explaining why last summer's movies had

                                                           full presentation, Marc gets several people                   a super hero theme, and this summer's

                                                                to admit to being fans of the show.                                         have a time-travel theme.


All pictures courtesy of Hannibal Pharaon at

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What LOST is Telling Us About The World Today...And Tomorrow!

A live presentation featuring the author of the bestselling book, The Myth of Lost.

If time begins skipping like a record, LOST fans will be more prepared.

Date:             Sunday, March 8, 2009
Time:             2:30pm - 4:30pm
Location:        East West Books (Upstairs in the Café)
Street:           78 Fifth Avenue @ 14th Street
City/Town:      New York, NY


What LOST is Telling Us About The World Today...And Tomorrow Presentation Highlights



Presenting to a packed house at East West Books in NYC, Marc uncovered the messages of LOST and other mythological movies and TV shows! He began by updating novices with the basics, then spoke a bit about how LOST is "alive" and how it entered his life. He next spoke about the mythology of LOST, first on a superficial level, then a more spiritual one. This was followed by examples of mythological messages in several episodes. Next, the real-life meaning of LOST's time traveling was discussed. Giving a break to those who don't watch the show, Marc then discussed the meaning behind several other TV shows and movies including Heroes, The Matrix, and a ton of superpower films. He then concluded by reading a chapter from his book The Myth of Lost and giving some clues to the theory it offers!

Marc’s presentation about LOST is truly enlightening. Some have said that it helped them decide which direction to pursue in life. How can a TV show do that? Ten minutes of video highlights are posted above to help give you an idea! Even those who don’t follow the show have no trouble following the presentation. The basics of the show are explained, and other movies & TV shows are explored as well! 

Guest Host: Kristen Washington, Artist Channel and Spiritual Teacher (For more about Kristen, see:




            Presentation announcement at East West Books.               Marc's book sits humbly upon the                   Marc uncovers the hidden messages of

               The event was sponsored by Spiritual Salon.                     shelf along with others concerning                 LOST and how they relate to our world.

                                                                                                topics he discussed—like 2012.



                                                 After the presentation, most folks                                   In addition to getting their book signed, those who purchased                                                                    stuck around for a little Q&A.                                              The Myth of Lost received Hurley Goodie bags and also                                                                                                                                                                              got “leid” by either Marc or guest host Kristen Washington!



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The Myth of Lost Presentation and Reading at Ciao Stella!

Sponsored by The NY Mythology Meetup Group

Reading a chapter from The Myth of Lost

Date:            Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Time:            7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location:        Ciao Stella
Street:          206 Sullivan St.
City/Town:     New York, NY


The Myth of Lost Presentation Highlights

It was an intriguing evening as Marc discussed the mythology of LOST and how it provides meaning in
the real world. Marc also uncovered the messages we’re getting from other mythological movies and TV shows, read some passages from his book, and offered signings for those who purchased a copy for themselves (or a “lost” friend). 

For more links, info, and the complete video presentation of this event,

visit “The Myth of Lost” events page on Facebook.


The Myth of Lost Book Signing at "Previously On Lost" Show

Come check out this fun LOST parody band and get your Myth of Lost book!

Preparing to sell books at the show.

Date:           Thursday, November 20, 2008
Time:           9:00pm - 11:00pm
Location:     The Bell House
Street:        149 7th Street (in Brooklyn, yo)
City/Town:  Brooklyn, NY

Previously On LOST, the world's only TV recap rock band, writes and performs songs based on each episode of the fourth season of LOST. They open every show with a re-creation of the crash of Oceanic flight 815 using a hilarious cardboard box “replica” of the plane that flies through the audience. You can check out their Myspace page here

I was at their merchandise table selling and signing The Myth of Lost, but I did get to witness most of the show which was very entertaining!


                              Posing with the founders and lead                        School House Rock meets                          A tribute to their idol—the creator of

                                  singers of Previously On Lost,                         Frank Zappa: Previously On Lost!                    Felicity, Alias, Fringe, Cloverfield,         

                                   Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin.                                                                                                                        and Lost—JJ Abrams.


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“The Myth of Lost” Book Release Party!

In celebration of the release of Marc's new book about the intriguing ABC TV show!

“The calendar said ‘October’ but in true LOST fashion we flashed back to summer! This was one of the

most fun LOST Meetup events yet.” —Tom Mohan, LOST Meetup group leader

Date:           Saturday, October 11, 2008
Time:           1:00pm - 7:00pm
Location:     Water Taxi Beach
Street:        2 Borden Ave.
City/Town:  Long Island City, NY

THE MYTH OF LOST Book Release Party Video!

THE MYTH OF LOST Book Release Party Video!

Trish Balbert was kind enough to take video for the first half of the party. What follows is five minutes of highlights from her footage presented in BAR-MITZVAH-VISION!!!!

Posted by Marc Oromaner on Saturday, October 25, 2008



The weather was perfect. The view amazing. And fun was had by all at Water Taxi Beach to celebrate the release of my new book, THE MYTH OF LOST. What better place to hold a LOST party than at a beach that overlooks the NYC skyline? Talk about surreal! The party featured some Lost drinks including the very popular Smoke Monster Margarita, DHARMA Daiquiri, and LOST Island Iced tea. There were five LOST trivia winners including Tom, who was first to get all the answers correct and get a free LOST drink! All those who bought a book received a Hurley Goodie Bag and a signing from the very grateful author. 

Speaking of which, I just wanna say thanks to all 62 people who came out to help me celebrate the release of the book! For those who bought a copy, double thank you and I hope you enjoy it!


The man behind Harry’s Water Taxi Beach                The author with the authors                         Marc signs a hardcover edition of 
and the man behind The Myth of Lost—literally!                     of the author.                                                    The Myth of LOST

                                              Lauren swore she’d never                 62 attendees and lots of LOST cocktails  
                                                              wash her hand again!                              later, the party winds down.

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