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Affinia Hotels was looking for a way to highlight the customizable experience they offer their guests.
With its 6-choice pillow menu and many amenities ranging from a guitar and golf putter to a yoga mat
and rubber duckie, Affinia enables any guest to select exactly what makes them comfortable.
To sum up the Affinia experience, I created the "Comfort by Design" tagline and helped develop the
“My Affinia” concept. My Affinia shows how different guests with different preferences choose to
customize their stay. We used icons of the various Affinia amenities to illustrate how their combination
creates a sort of personal guest DNA.

My Affinia became a campaign that has been used online, in print, and outdoor to drive consumers to
the website. At the site, potential guests can create a personal profile with their favorite
combination of amenities and packages, which will be available for their next visit. Should they decide
to indulge in, say, the pleasures of a magnetic therapy pillow sooner rather than later, they may
choose to book their reservation immediately.